Adventure ride to Dharoi Dam

I am on my bird, riding in my own pace, deep in my thoughts, observing the traffic, people, animals, trees, birds, sky... That’s when Dhruv rode past me.... What!! Where was he? I don’t remember overtaking him on the road. Before I could finish my thoughts he was way ahead of me and went beyond … Continue reading Adventure ride to Dharoi Dam


Polo Forest

The road from Chiloda circle towards Sardar Patel ring road is under construction, we intended to take the exit towards Gandhinagar but somehow missed it. Due to the expansion work of the road there were no street lights and the winter made the route pitch dark at 7:30pm. But the traffic was moving decently. Few meters … Continue reading Polo Forest

My first solo ride

“Zinda aa jaana”, my friend Tanuj said when I told him that I am visiting Surat on my duggu-duggu (my Thunderbird 350) to attempt my first solo ride. When I told him that, I will TRY to reach alive, as I don’t have riding gears except the helmet. He said, “What stupidity? You shouldn’t ride … Continue reading My first solo ride

Hum toh chaLEH…

Get it! Get it!! Yes you guessed it right, I am going to Leh!  ‘hum toh chaLEH’ is going to be a grand write-up series on MY forthcoming GRAND TRIP to LEH... My close friends already know how long I have been planning to visit LEH (it’s been 5years now...) This June 2018 I started … Continue reading Hum toh chaLEH…